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Rajesh Subramaniam (Principal Consultant & Founder of LearntheCorp Consulting)

With two decades plus industry HR experience and focused to strategic & transformational HR engagements predominantly for global markets during last ten years of industry-consulting career.

LearntheCorp was envisaged in 2013 and has been driving strategic HR engagements for leading corporates in APAC and Africa region; value for time and cost is the key composite through the framework.

With growing HR complexities and longer drawn delivery stream with complex layers having been created overtime, fast track - command centre mode of delivery is the key composite to ensure end to end success factor for journey so far and hope to maximise the transformation journey for aspiring fast track business models globally and those looking for low cost: best return on time delivery modes.

One of the promising strategic partner to look for early results at optimal use of resources and cost structure.

Add on, Learnthecorp is focused to provide specialised transformation and shared services coaching for budding final year college grads maximising their day 0 employability skills.

Focus, LearntheCorp

With primary objective to maximise and leverage HR talent for GLOBAL markets, LearntheCorp Consulting was formed in 2013, and has been driving specialised HR transformation engagements with primary focus to "fast track outcome", "e2e assurance", "sustain and scale: covering

  • Talent Functions

    • Acquisition
    • Engagement
    • Development
    • Rewarding
    • Alternatives
    • Technology
  • HR Grids

    • Policy to Programme implementation
    • Start-up – Best of HR
    • Shared Service to Shared Solution conversion
  • Methodology

    • Persuasive diligence
    • HR - Talent Capability assessment
    • Business – HR integrators, key success wireframe
    • Customer-Employee engagement
    • Enablement consulting & close track delivery
    • Outcome based delivery
    • Transformation Workshop
  • Solution - Wireframes

    • Servicing to solutioning – “Build to transfer”
    • Syndicate – integrated specialists engagement
    • Maximising HR competencies
    • Predictive HR Layers

While the above are core delivery frames, we have provided extended solutions to leadership coaching, transformation workshops to maximise individual and team competencies.

Are you looking to mind-shift your transformation agenda?

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