Here would come the need for “people practices renovation” affecting both HR function and their customers in this ever vibrant market.

Business decisions have been ever changing on a daily/weekly basis and in accordance there lies expectation to the policy and practices to align, instantly.

    The millennia or the Gen Y in Human resources function would come with the aspiration to be
  • a quick decision maker
  • an ardent on-screen articulator
  • a multi-task personality
  • a scientific influencer than being emotive
  • a least interested speculator
  • a business driven pro
  • a short termer in looking for solutions and results
  • a game changer at frequent levels and time

The above characteristics would apply to HR pros engaged in multi-variant industry and their constant illusionary search for employee solutions would undergo a revolving change.

    And they would be facing the (customers-business) & (consumer-employees) who will be
  • well-informed
  • well-researched
  • well-rehearsed
  • well-connected
  • Very thoughtful and “out of box”
  • Looking for common sensical resolutions
  • Most importantly in the actual customers limelight

Therefore, the need for ensuring data and delivery credibility, consistency and fullest cooperation for progressive and proactive solution should be expected as future mandate by customers and consumers.

LearntheCorp aspires to address the growing complexities in strategic analysis & introspection to HR Service delivery streams covering Employee branding & assimilation, Employee Engagement & elevation, Employee absorption & affordability and Employee Services.

Redefining Talent Acquisition-A 97% programme drive

Methodology:Iterative yield based assessment and using Key Control Techniques

    The best practices to talent acquisition model should exhibit the following result from a 360⁰ view.
  • Hire to on boarding conversion to >97%
  • Hire time reduction by 15% aggregated till achieve a target of 97%
  • On boarding time optimised to 40% till achieve a scale of 97%
  • Reduction of infant attrition by 30% till achieve a scale of 97%
  • Strengthening & Maximising “internal search” by 15% to achieve a scale of 97%
  • Overall cost reduction by 15% YOY on an aggregated score
  • Maximising billable competency from day 10 @ best market standards.
  • Scaling the overall TA quality score to 97% plus

Redefining Performance Planning & achievement orientation– A 95% achievement orientation model

Methodology: Using radiant Technology covering end to end of both individual and organisational score card. The best practice to performance management model should exhibit the following result from a 360⁰ view.

  • E-powered self-managed assessment during different time span & a snap view
  • Minimum two stage growth based talent classification
  • Maturity profiling
  • Calculated risk profiling
  • Sharing mind – assessment
  • Achievement score of 95% plus
  • Composite absorption of cross delivery layerst
  • Key controls – decision making stages
  • Developmental scale
  • Pre-nurtured Deployment cycle

Redefining Compensation & benefits model-Enriching value for being a “value based” model

Methodology: Using progressive & Delphi technique aligned with people profiling

  • The best practice to C&B model should ensure the following parameters.
  • Balancing long term and short term outlay
  • Parity controlled analytics integrated to payroll
  • C&B strategy for lateral talent hiring
  • Periodic custom designing of non-financial benefit
  • Evolve best ROI through resource costing
  • Ongoing benefit enhancement & plan
  • Make employees think or worry less on C&B

Redefining Employee –payroll service lines-Proactive and progressive actions result in high performing delivery engagement.

Methodology: 360⁰ assessment of the current payroll delivery model, throughput forward and retro scenario streams analysis and bringing in integrated service delivery analytics.

    The payroll best practice should result in;
  • Achieving minimum 98.7% accuracy to all types of employees & scenarios
  • Maximised scenario cover to payroll throughput
  • Provide scope to Trend analytics and assessment
  • Proactive reduction to L1 & L2 query scenarios
  • Real-time simulation and activation for change management
  • Secured and assured output delivery
  • Pre-payroll, mid-payroll and post payroll preparatory and analytics

Redefining Employee connect– Proactive communication result in highly engaged employees.

Methodology: Using social sensing methods and “tendency review assessments”

    The best practice to employee communication should result in;
  • Best of “Employee – Employer branding” within
  • Employee – Employer criticality view
  • “Free Employee” perspective
  • Integrated communication – policies, procedures and systems
  • Employee empowered to “partner the problem resolution”
  • Pre-seeding technique for new hires
  • “Be fair” approach reinforcement
  • Review of employee “peaks n trough” moments
  • Employee feedback analytics

Redefining Employee development-Personal value and aspiration aligned to business engagement.

Methodology: Traditional competency profiling with customised assessment of value and aspiration using future search technique.

    The best practice to Employee development should result in;
  • Competitive analysis and personal profiling made available
  • Insta-“Smart move” tools for self-assessment and early recuperation
  • Collaborative development design and planning using Delphi approach
  • Cross delivery assessment of such design
  • Maximising fun through the learning

Redefining Employee Services–Pre-emptive execution with embedded key controls would optimise Employee services.

Methodology: creating “one stop shop & ATHR” (AnytimeHR) models using both manual and digital platforms.

    The best practice to Employee Services should cover:
  • based on employee type, segregation of catalogue of service lines
  • periodic Trend check & seasonality calendar
  • Elimination of non- value adding steps
  • Clarity to classifications
  • Optimising employee help lines and reduction to L1 & L2 query desk

With eventful changes within delivery structure, resources and supervision becoming inevitable, the sustenance and continued success models would need to perform an ongoing assessment and certification practice well built within the workflow.

Redefining assessment practices:

Every resource deployed in Service delivery should be reflective to delivery structures, process maps, operating procedures and systematically capture their smart checkboxes specific to their core processee and minimum one level to up- down streams.

Methodology: Technology and Tutor enabled model. A} Multiple Scenario built in active steps and process view based dynamic questionnaire bank covering basic, advanced and expert stages to get assessed. B} Multiple Scenario built in workflow driven platform with barriers enabled.

    A robust assessment model would carry the following facets.
  • Insightful walkthrough & navigator through the questions
  • Integrated process check assessment
  • Key control checks assessment
  • Embedded view to both real-time and simulated assessment scores

Redefining Global Mobility (2020 preparatory):–Pre-emptive execution with embedded key controls would optimise Employee services.

With advancement to technology and social media, there has been a very robust self-learning models which prepares a traveller on a long term / short term assignment – the basic necessities are well articulated though preferential choices obviously differs from one individual to another. Language dependency is shrinking and would sooner become an easier problem than it was, historically.

    What becomes critical is
  • managing and monitoring one-self to their global portfolio’s
  • Aligned minds identification in a new system
  • One stop shop quick view to the entirety of the model
  • Being up-to-date to changing Social, economic, Political and environmental conditions covering self-impacting countries/regions
  • Maximising their personal finance management from a global view
  • Validation of Family status – Social, economic and environmental conditions
  • Packaging of service lines both home and host locations, personalised
  • Maximising Travel advantage
  • Ongoing - Governance & Delivery to personal social security and statutory compliance
  • Customised Health, Logistics - support and solutions

Consultant Profile

  • Name: Rajesh Subramaniam,
  • Principal Consultant
  • LearntheCorp
  • Mobile: +91 9551091919,
  • Email:


20 years post qualification experience and have gained functional and subject expertise covering complete gamut of HR.

Qualified in Bachelor degree in Labour Management in 1991 and Masters in Social work with HR specialisation in 1993 - both passed from University of Madras.

Contributed to the HR functional growth for larger industry leader’s viz., SANMAR, Murugappa Group, Oracle, Standard Chartered -Scope International and Cognizant.

Last 9 years, have been complete focus to deliver programmes for HR Transformation, HR Shared Services covering end to end service lifecycle delivery.

    Constructed and valued added to “process steps and pillar streams” for
  • Talent - Acquisition,
  • Assimilation & deployment,
  • Learning & Development,
  • Total rewards & benefits,
  • Communication & Engagement ,
  • Base Operations
  • Payroll delivery,
  • Global Mobility – Policies and procedures
  • Vendor delivery management
  • MIS & HR Intelligence

Established HR SS transition from 28 large geos processes into the Central shared services and have further managed SS layering for large M&A’s.

Managed 183 large work streams processes with 430+ team size delivering 1.2+Mn Transactions YOY during 2010-2013.

Created competency mapping and assessment models for Shared service resources which paved into structured level mapping and scale people performance and growth cross my SS role.

The solutioning to “one stop shop” – resume validation, selection and offer generation by Manager Self-Service, <4 hours clearance and settlement for exit employees were some of my right practice initiatives.

The payroll optimisation and accuracy modelling through predictive analytics was recognized and awarded the “optimised payroll delivery” by Webster Buchannan payroll institute.

Branding Shared Services construct with Business Intelligence analytics in maximising yield ratio in Talent acquisition, driving early warning programmes, Employee navigation tools, One stop shop delivery through Cloud based platform in addition to standard scale delivery model.

Enhancing business leads in HRO and BPO space, maximising customer advantage in MSA’s specific to People practices and contractual arrangement reviews were recognized by the business leadership.

The “Shared Services design thinking” was seeded with HR leaders globally to maximise transition and delivery engagement leveraging the SS infrastructure and resource competencies.

The creative solutioning to candidate support and background verification process, “on spot data creation” of new hire, “best of policies” under employee benefits administration, Deployment pool optimisation was well received as business enablers by Cognizant business and HR Leadership.


  • Certified ISO and Lean Auditor cum Trainer specialised in HR Systems & Audit.
  • Certified “Managerial Grid” Consultant & trainer
  • Certified “Future Search” Consultant & trainer
  • Certified BPR consultant and trainer

SME to HR life cycle, driving best performance, garnered and specialised in drafting and implementing SOP's/Checklists/SS Employee orientation programme, Data analytics, HR Due diligence and Transition management.

Drive experiential assessments for maximising SS resource engagement, quality & seamless delivery, comprehensive technology engagement covering end to end lifecycle.

One of my key passion is to constantly engage the millennial students and budding HR in their career design and counselling in areas of HR operations and delivery management and to build & bridge the functional and delivery gap that is expected by corporates.

Have delivered 230 development programmes for students and corporates (In-house faculty) in India.

Additionally, have driven strategic HR practices & Shared Services set up modelling for HR leaders in India and APAC.

To maximise coverage and best practice sharing, have ventured into consulting and training space through LearntheCorp, exclusively catering to process design and delivery for corporates and aspiring Institutions.

Look forward for a mutual association and best practice sharing in HR Service Delivery from a 2020 perspective.