With continued passion from 2020 HR readiness, LearntheCorp works with a cartel of specialised product and service enablers with maximised “best to business HR” for customers.

The technology identification, build customisation and ROI are embedded to the consulting wireframe and the solutioning is not dependant to one single service or solution provider – A firmly integrated model to assure continuity to growth and sustainability.

Talent Acquisition

Globally aligned, consortium of Talent Acquisition Solutions that drives command centre modelled fast track hire and on-board assurance solution with integrated technology wireframes with onshore and offshore service delivery.

Talent Deployment

Globally Aligned, Resource management and deployment solution that layers a comprehensive utilization measurement and re-deployment with integrated technology with onshore and offshore service management.

Talent Data Management

Globally integrated, key control analytics enabled HCM solutions with multi-tier bolt on, interface enabling solution. Value add through an extensive business enabling predictive analytics.

Talent Development

One of the future forward cartel of choice: It’s no longer stale, the development schema integrates some of the best proven content covering soft coaching and further builds maturity wireframes to each curriculum mapped to individual career mould and embedded to job role. Hence, it’s not the course search lone, even skill baseline assessment is embed to the design view.

Talent Engagement & Recognition

Building fun based working and maximising multi-tiered recognition wireframe with a basket of choice and integrated service delivery framework.

Talent Operations

With no single HCM or HR solution not providing micro managed solution and best to business, Learnthecorp enables implementation of HR production tracking system with integrators to ensure cross functional alignment and assurance to timely delivery, most importantly value of time vs intended transaction is close assessed to deployment.

Talent Analytics

The regression reporting framework in Talent management is necessarily needed to shift focus to driving progressive and predictive analytics and needs a comprehensive reporting framework enabled technology solutioning. One of the key success framework offering from LearntheCorp stable.

Scale Transforming HR Shared Service centres to Solution Centres

One of the future forward conversion of Shared Servicing mind-sets to start Solutioning in the HR model with embedded predictive analytics. One amongst the key market driver from LearntheCorp solutions.